ViVi with Obturo®

In cooperation with ViVi, Van der Knaap offers fully sterilised Obturo®-plugs in ViTrays. This growing chamber can be used to root and harden plants in a fully controlled environment.

The plants are grown in a multi-layer system under LED lights. The separated growing packaging prevents the spreading of disease. A minimum in water and fertiliser is required and no pest control is necessary. Due to the conditioned environment and the sterile conditions, ViVi is one of the cleanest production methods available.

ViVi offers consultancy to develop optimal growing methods for plant tissue culture. These growing protocols allow growers to rapidly multiply plant material in a multi layer setup.

Benefits of Obturo®

  • Specifically developed to facilitate easy rooting, ensuring the very best growth results.
  • The unique composition of the substrate ensures reliable sterile plugs.
  • The plugs can be supplied in dried form which increases their shelf life. They are easy to rewet before use.
  • Suitable for almost any crop, even acidophilic plants.

Benefits of ViVi

  • The closed system reduces risks.
  • One of the cleanest growing methods available due to the fully controlled environment and sterile conditions.
  • Minimum in water and fertilizer is required and no pest control is necessary.
We are happy to help you select the perfect product for your application.
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