Research & development

Van der Knaap Group has its own Research & Development department. In innovation centre 'de Kas' we have an extensive laboratory and R&D greenhouses where various growing conditions can be simulated. In 'de Kas' we continuously work on optimising existing products and developing new ones.

A selection of recent innovations:

Breakthrough in sustainable organic cultivation
Van der Knaap's R&D team and its partners have devoted themselves to the development of a cultivation system for growing organically separately from the subsoil. A team led by Karel de Bruijn, Van der Knaap's R&D Manager, has developed a reactor to convert proteins into nitrate (NO3) nitrogen. The nutrition solution produced with the reactor is free of organic residues, moulds and bacteria.


Fibre-Neth Twin 3.0
A new way of propagating Phalaenopsis was introduced in 2016 after years of research. By clamping the tissue-culture plant between two coco plug halves and putting it in a basket, the young Phalaenopsis plants can be easily separated and sorted.


A pressed pot is a rooting medium based on German black peat. This type of peat is less available, because harvesting the peat has been curtailed by the German government. This means that insufficient amounts of German black peat will be available in the near future. As a result, Van der Knaap's R&D department went in search of an alternative and developed PressTop: a new type of pressed pot based on white peat.

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