The Van der Knaap Group has an extensive range of products. To stand out in the market for rooting and growing media, we offer products under the following brand names.

Forteco is the brand for our coco-based growbags, Growpots and Propagation Cube. The Forteco products are made of coco material. Forteco coco products are used mainly for vegetable and fruit cultivation, but are also suitable for growing flowers. Different crops require different crop management, which is why the products each have their own specifications.

The Growing Soilutions range consists of over twenty substrates that are suitable for different crops and applications. As well as a number of peat-free mixtures, there are solutions for multiplication, the cultivation of orchids, vegetables, soft fruit, potted plants, bedding plants and cut flowers. Growing Soilutions substrates are manufactured at our production sites in the Netherlands using high-quality resources such as peat and coco.

The new Van der Knaap press pots were developed to replace the pressed pot made of German black peat. Restrictions have been placed on the extraction of this type of peat, making it less available. Van der Knaap pressed pots are based on white peat. This type of peat has a consistent quality: it allows for a higher air content during cultivation and has good rewetting properties. Pressed pots are widely used for the rooting of chrysanthemums, the propagation of lettuce and for other leafy vegetables.

Van der Knaap sells peat-based plant plugs under the name Obturo®. Obturo® plugs can be tailored to customer requirements, offering all the flexibility needed to perfect the cultivation process.

We produce coco-based plugs under the Fibre-Neth® brand. Fibre-Neth® plugs retain their compact shape and due to the specific properties of coco material a high air content is guaranteed. Fibre-Neth® plugs can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes.

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