We have established our own production facilities in Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic and India under the name Growrite in order to ensure the high quality of coco substrate slabs, coco substrate and coco products. The coco products that are manufactured in these factories are used in cultivations all over the world.

Coco peat was 'discovered' in the nineties as a raw material for potting soil; an organic and recyclable product with many possibilities for any type of cultivation. In 2000 Euro Substrates Ltd. was founded in Sri Lanka to exercise more control over the purchased coco peat. To meet the increasing demand for coco peat products, the very first factory for the production of coco peat was built in 2006: Growrite Sri Lanka. Around three years later, Growrite DR S.A. was established in the Dominican Republic. This production facility manufactures Coco Crunch for the North-American market in particular. To meet the growing demand for Forteco coco slabs, Growrite India went into production in 2010.

We also have production facilities in Thailand, Türkiye and Spain. These mainly supply local markets. Knaap Thailand supplies coco substrates to the local market, and Antalya Substrat provides the local market with paperpots, rooting media and substrates. Van der Knaap-Braam España supplies paperpots and filled pots and trays for the horticultural area around Almeria in particular.

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