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Custom substrates
  • Custom-made
  • Tailored to customers’ growing requirements
  • For different cultivations and applications
Growing Soilutions
  • More than twenty different substrates
  • Suitable for different crops and applications
  • High-quality products
Pressed pot substrates
  • Pressed pot substrate based on white peat
  • For an airy rooting medium
  • For chrysanthemums and leafy vegetables
  • Covering layer against weeds and moss
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Suitable for virtually all crops
  • Suitable for the rooting of all types of cuttings
  • Available in various sizes
  • Good air/water management
Jumbo Paperpots
  • Available in Ø 60, 70 or 80 mm
  • For use in gardens and flowerbeds
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Coco-based rooting medium
  • Suitable for virtually all crops
  • Easily controllable
  • Designed for the propagation of Phalaenopsis
  • Enables to sort and propagate plants separately
  • Based on coco or peat
  • Obturo® is made according to customer specification
  • Excellent rooting properties
  • Suitable for virtually all crops
AutoStix® with Obturo®
  • Automatic transplanting
  • Part of patented AutoStix system developed by Visser horti systems
  • Better consistency and uniformity of shipped cuttings
ViVi with Obturo®
  • Growing chamber for plant tissue culture
  • Suitable for muti-layer cultivation systems
  • The closed system reduces risks
  • Expand when water is added
  • Suitable for many crops
  • Wrapped with FSC-certified paper
Filling pots, containers and trays
  • Can be filled with any potting soil mixture
  • Processing of different pot, container and tray sizes
  • Ideal for growers lacking the time or machinery to do this themselves
Forteco Basic
  • Suitable for vegetables, cut flowers and soft fruit
  • Vegetative
  • Air-holding capacity of ±20 vol.%
Forteco Power
  • Suitable for vegetables, cut flowers and soft fruit
  • Generative
  • Air-holding capacity of ±25 vol.%
Forteco Profit
  • Suitable for vegetables, cut flowers and soft fruit
  • Generative
  • Air-holding capacity of ±30 vol.%
Forteco Maximum
  • Suitable for vegetables, cut flowers and soft fruit
  • Generative
  • Air-holding capacity of ±40 vol.%
Forteco Propagation Cube
  • For the propagation of vegetable plants
  • Coco-based Propagation Cube
  • Can be processed automatically
Forteco Growpot
  • Coco-based growing medium
  • Ideal for soft fruit
  • Can also be used for vegetable cultivation
Organic Water System (OWS)
  • Production of organic fertilisers on site
  • Identical production with organic fertilisers vs. mineral fertilisers
  • Irrigation water rich in NO3--N
Forteco 4.5 kg blocks
  • Various types of coco peat available
  • From fine to coarse coco peat
  • Suitable for various crops
Forteco Coco discs
  • Growing medium based on coarse coco peat
  • Ideal for the cultivation of gerbera
  • Also suitable for other floriculture crops and potted plants
Coco Tablets
  • Suitable for professional and consumer markets
  • Rapid water absorption
  • Available in various sizes
  • Suitable for cuttings and seeds
  • Quickly expand when water is added
  • Suitable for many crops
Washing trays and containers
  • Washing of trays and containers
  • Virtually all types of trays and containers
  • Detergent available on request
  • Based on coco products
  • Many options
  • We contribute ideas
Private label
  • Coco products under private label
  • Complete displays
  • Customer services
Smartgarden basics
  • Coco potting soil for consumers
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for home gardening
Coco Ground Cover
  • Made of coarse coco chips
  • Protects against weeds
  • For gardens, under playground equipment and in animal enclosures

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