Growing Soilutions

The Growing Soilutions product range consists of over twenty substrates that are suitable for different crops and applications. As well as a number of peat-free mixtures, there are solutions for multiplication, the cultivation of orchids, vegetables, soft fruit, potted plants, bedding plants and cut flowers.

The Growing Solutions substrates are manufactured from the best raw materials, such as block peat, milled peat, coco coir and fibres in order to provide the optimal environment for each crop. The peat resources originate from certified peat farms in various countries. The Van der Knaap Group has its own production facilities in countries including Sri Lanka, India and the Dominican Republic that supply high-quality coco peat.


Product quality is monitored throughout the entire supply chain: from raw material to finished product. The peat and coco peat resources are carefully selected in the country of origin. The production of substrates is also closely monitored at the sites in the Netherlands.


  • More than twenty unique substrates
  • Each substrate is optimised for a specific application
  • Manufactured with carefully selected, sustainable raw materials
  • Available in different volumes: Big Bales, Big Bags and bags of 70 litres or 45 litres
  • Ready for use


  • There are substrates for multiplication, potted plants, nurseries, orchids, peat-free, bedding plants and soft fruit.
We are happy to help you select the perfect product for your application.
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