Van der Knaap joins the Greenhouse Horticulture Club of 100

Publication date: 09-07-2019

Van der Knaap Group has joined the Club of 100 of Wageningen University & Research's Greenhouse Horticulture business unit.

The Club of 100's purpose is to ensure constant knowledge and research innovation in the greenhouse horticulture sector. The Club of 100 provides suppliers in the greenhouse horticulture sector with easy access to the broad expertise of the Greenhouse Horticulture business unit in particular, as well as the WUR as a whole. The membership fees also contribute to financing applied strategic research in the greenhouse horticulture sector.

Members of the Club of 100 can use half of their membership fee for Business-to-Business activities that draw on the knowledge of WUR's experts in the greenhouse horticulture field, or on briefing the Board of Directors of the member concerned on a specific subject.

The other half of the membership fee is put into a joint pot. Together, the members determine the subjects that the Club of 100 needs to work on in order to ensure that the Dutch greenhouse horticulture cluster retains its lead in the knowledge field. "For each specific topic, a supervisory committee will work on fleshing out concrete details of the plans. Van der Knaap Group will also delegate someone for this."

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