Satisfied students after using Forteco Power in All Climate Greenhouse

Publication date: 29-02-2020

The first educational project in the All Climate Greenhouse in the World Horti Center has been successfully completed. Students of the MBO Westland have grown cherry tomatoes in this high-tech greenhouse from September 2019 up to and including January 2020. During this project, students received advice and support from companies, including the Van der Knaap Group.

The unique feature of the All Climate Greenhouse is that it is really two greenhouses: a large greenhouse as the outer shell, containing a somewhat smaller greenhouse with two sections. A (sub)tropical climate can be simulated in the outer greenhouse, after which the inner greenhouse can be used to see how the cultivation of various crops can be optimised in that climate. The greenhouse is heated electrically and cooled and dehumidified with a heat pump.

The students were considerably challenged by the decision to simulate a continental climate in the Summer of Romania in the All Climate Greenhouse. This is a warm climate, where even a week of 40°C was simulated.

Van der Knaap advised the students to grow on Forteco Power substrate slabs. Due to the unique composition of fine and coarse coco material, these slabs can be optimally steered in this climate and are therefore extremely suitable for climatic conditions with high temperatures. In addition, two Forteco scales were provided. This gave the students a grip on the irrigation strategy.



The final presentation took place on Wednesday 12 February 2020. The students were positive about the use of Forteco Power substrate mats. Thanks in part to the good moisture distribution and drainage capacity of the coco substrate, the cultivation could be well controlled, resulting in a resilient crop.

Van der Knaap Group played an advisory role during this project and is involved in cooperation between education and the business community as a participant of the World Horti Center. Through this collaboration, the innovative employees of the future are trained and we can inspire young people to choose a career in the horticultural sector.

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