Collaboration Van der Knaap and Biobest in 'de Kas'

Publication date: 10-03-2021

Since last year, Van der Knaap Group has been working with Biobest in the field of organic crop protection in its in-house innovation centre 'de Kas'. The aim of this collaboration is to exchange knowledge about the effect of the use of organic crop protection products based on cultivation trials.

This varies from thinking along about organic pest control (natural enemies) within the trials that Van der Knaap conducts, to jointly setting up trials and testing (new) organic protection agents. For each trial, a tailor-made advice is drawn up for organic crop protection.  

Organic crop protection

Using organic crop protection goes hand in hand with the use of the organic nutrients developed by Van der Knaap. With these nutrients, we can grow resistant plants that are more resistant to fungal and bacterial diseases such as Pythium. One application that nicely ties in with this is Asperello T34. This is a trichoderma strain (Trichoderma asperellum T34) that can make the roots and the plant resistant to various diseases. The use of biological crop protection fits well within the Van der Knaap Group's strategy.

Research in 'de Kas'

In 'de Kas', Van der Knaap Group's in-house innovation centre, various types of cultivation trials are continuously conducted. In these trials, Van der Knaap's products are tested, but tests are also conducted on behalf of external parties. We recently conducted a large-scale trial with our own rooting products and our organic nutrient solution is continuously tested in various crops, such as cucumber and bell pepper, but also in the cultivation of hydroponic lettuce. In addition, there are substrate trials, including strawberries and blueberries.

Van der Knaap Group

The Van der Knaap Group is a Dutch family company with production facilities all over the world. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable, high-quality natural rooting and growing media for application in commercial horticulture.


Biobest Nederland is active in advice, sale and distribution of organic crop protection. The product range includes pollinators, beneficial insects, monitoring products and biopesticides.

More information?

For more information, please contact Dirk Zwinkels of the Research & Development department at

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