Forteco 4.5 kg blocks

We supply coco peat in pressed blocks of 4.0-5.5 kg in various degrees of coarseness. From fine coco such as Forteco Elite to coarser types such as Forteco Power, Forteco Optimum, Forteco Profit and Forteco Maximum. The husk of the coconut is processed in the fibre industry. What is left when the fibres are removed, is coir. This by-product is what we use for fine coco substrates. By cutting up the entire husk we create coarse substrates. Coco peat is naturally airy and absorbs water easily.


  • Air content between 20-50%
  • Delivery on pallets or in bulk


  • Suitable for a wide variety of crops

We are happy to help you select the perfect product for your application.
More informationGertjan van der Haas
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