Trials in Van der Knaap’s innovation centre

Publication date: 26-04-2023

In our innovation centre 'de Kas' we continuously test our products, develop new products and regularly conduct trials for our customers or other third parties. Through these tests, we gain knowledge of all kinds of crops and cultivation techniques. Ultimately, this results in new products, or: innovations. Like previous years, we have a full schedule of trials and research.

A short trial with strawberries serves as preparation for a study into the continuous cultivation of strawberries that will take place in our innovation centre from August next year. Themes that are central to this year's trial with Phalaenopsis are: saving energy, preventing pot worm and increasing the crop's resilience.

During several vegetable trials in 'de Kas', we are testing whether bell peppers can also be grown in containers, what the effects are of a 'living soil' with compost and worms, and whether we can grow tomatoes in a fully circular way. In addition, we are looking at the effects of different substrates on tomato cultivation and how we can use the nutrient solution from the bioreactor in a cultivation in the soil. In a test with hydroponic lettuce, we compare the effects of the nutrients from our bioreactor on the crop with mineral nutrition. In addition, we compare different plugs.

In recent years, there has been a growing need for substrates with a smaller amount of peat and more sustainable cultivation methods. That is why we conduct research into new, safe, renewable and circular raw materials.

Switch to circular nutrition
Last year, we used both mineral nutrition and organic nutrition from our bioreactor. This year, we are fully committed to using the circular nutrient solution from the bioreactor. This means that we no longer use mineral nutrition in our trials, unless it concerns a comparison test.

Together with several partners, we are also looking at possibilities to simulate even more different cultivation situations and conditions. Think of LED light or combating pests and diseases.

More information
Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities in innovation centre 'de Kas' or would you like to visit one of the trials? Then please contact us.

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