Opening of Van der Knaap México

Our new production location in Mexico was recently opened. Centrally located in Mexico, Van der Knaap Mexico focuses on producing high-quality coco substrates for local horticulture. Producing locally enables us to offer fast delivery times and be in direct contact with our customers.

Van der Knaap has been active in Mexico for more than ten years. Forteco substrate growbags are widely used there, and we support growers with technical cultivation advice. Partly due to the rise of blueberry cultivation in substrate, we decided to start our own production location in Mexico in order to serve the local market even better.

Van der Knaap Mexico is fully equipped to produce high-quality, homogeneous coco material under the name Knaap Profit. This material consists of a unique combination of coco coir and fibre, resulting in a perfectly draining substrate with a high air content. Knaap Profit coco is very stable and has a very low EC value. This makes it a perfect growing medium for the cultivation of soft fruit and various (greenhouse) vegetables.

Mexico has the right preconditions for starting our own production location. It has plenty of coco material available, a favourable climate, good infrastructure and a local sales market. The coconuts are transported from southern Mexico to our location in Querétaro, where they are processed into a high-quality end product. Van der Knaap works together with a local partner in Mexico. In this way, we ensure a solid foundation for the future. Our team of experts is ready to get started. In his capacity as partner and location manager, Jan de Smet, the founder of Forteco who has extensive knowledge of growing on coco, keeps a close eye on the production process. Daniele dell’Erba is responsible for sales as the Area Manager for Latin America.

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