Ellepress peat plugs are pressed dry plugs in a paper cover based on specially selected and processed peat. Prior to use, these plugs need to be expanded with water with or without nutrients. The plugs are wrapped with unique FSC-certified, environmentally friendly and biodegradable paper.

Ellepress peat plugs are suitable for cuttings and for sowing seeds. In addition, the plugs are suitable for the cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants grown in substrate.


  • Available in Ø 27, 36 and 42 mm


  • Expands after adding water
  • Good air/water management
  • Good draining ability
  • Easy to rewet
  • Airy rooting medium
  • Wrapped with FSC-certified paper


  • Suitable for all types of crops
  • Suitable for cultivation of vegetables and ornamentals
  • Can be processed automatically
We are happy to help you select the perfect product for your application.
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