Forteco Maximum

We have developed five different types of growbags that are suitable for specific crop management. Each has its own specifications and vegetative or generative effect and is suitable for specific crops and cultivars.

Forteco growbags are tailored to customer specifications and are ready for use. The growbags have a high air-holding capacity, which ensures good drainage and crop management. The unique air-water ratio allows for easy rooting and an even distribution of roots throughout the substrate.


We have our own production facilities in Sri Lanka and India to guarantee consistent quality. The growbags undergo a comprehensive physical and chemical quality check before being shipped.


  • Generative
  • The growbag has an air holding capacity of 40 vol.% at full water saturation
  • Stable structure
  • Custom solution/customer specific
  • Recyclable 


Suitable for growing vegetables, cut flowers and soft fruit.

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