Van der Knaap Group resumes coco production

Publication date: 28-05-2020

The past few months the outbreak of Covid-19 virus led to Van der Knaap production locations in Sri Lanka, India and the Dominican Republic remaining closed till further notice. We can now inform you that production at the Growrite production sites has been resumed. Good news for our customers but also for our employees worldwide who can get back to work again.

Safety first
“Thanks to the various authorities and after good consultation, Van der Knaap Group has received the go-ahead to partially resume production. We are not yet operating at full capacity; various measures need to be observed to guarantee the safety and health of our employees ”, says Jelte Veenstra, director of Coco Substrates at Van der Knaap Group. Extra hygiene measures have been implemented at all locations. Employees are asked to regularly disinfect their hands on arrival at the location and during work, to change clothes before work and before they return home and to stay at home if they are feeling unwell. In addition, it is taken into account that employees must be able to work, have meals and meetings within 1.5 meters of each other.

In recent months, we have been confronted with a number of challenges, particularly in the field of product deliveries to our customers. We would like to thank them for their input and their flexible attitude to this situation. "Thanks to the cooperative attitude of our customers, neither our customers nor our company experienced any significant problems," said Jelte Veenstra.

The international team of Van der Knaap is ready to provide you with technical support and to keep you informed of the latest developments and innovations. If you haven’t decided on your choice of substrate for the new cultivation season, we will gladly advise you on our options. If you have any other questions we will be happy to be of assistance.

About Van der Knaap Group
Van der Knaap Group supplies high-quality natural rooting and growing media for professional horticulture. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable and high-quality products and services. The coco products produced at Growrite's global locations are used all over the world.

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