Van der Knaap Group celebrates 40th anniversary

Publication date: 08-01-2021

This year Van der Knaap Group will celebrate that 40 years ago the foundations of our company were laid. In the coming period we will reflect on where we come from, where we are now and how we see the future for our organisation.

Forty years ago, Ron van der Knaap, together with his father Piet, started pressing pots on location at his customers. Perry van der Knaap joined the company and together they continued at our Bovendijk location, where our head office is still located. Van der Knaap has since grown into a group of companies with more than six hundred employees worldwide, five branches in the Netherlands and sales and production locations all over the world.

Our product range has expanded over forty years. From filled trays to high-quality rooting products, from custom substrates to propagation cubes and growbags and even the production of organic nutrients. Over the years, a large number of products has been developed and added to the range. All with the same goal: to offer high-quality, natural rooting and growing media for professional horticulture.

We have our customers, partners, suppliers, and last but not least, our employees, to thank for our position. We look forward to reflecting on 40 years of Van der Knaap together in the coming year.

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