Reopening Antalya Substrat

Publication date: 18-10-2018

Earlier this Month, our Turkish production site Antalya Substrat celebrated its grand reopening in the presence of customers, suppliers, staff, local government officials and our partners from the foreign branches.

Van der Knaap has a production site in Turkey since 2012. In recent years, we had been working hard at this beautiful location near Antalya. However, the Turkish government had quite a surprise in store for us: they wanted to build a new ring road, straight through our factory site! Fortunately, after careful consultation, a good alternative location was found, and the factory has now been moved.

Antalya Substrat is unique in Turkey and produces paperpots in various diameters, rooting media and substrates. Antalya Substrat focuses on the production of products specifically designed for Turkish horticulture, but also on the trade in substrates in many variations. The company has customers in the both the vegetable and floriculture sector. Our in-house production in Antalya allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ needs.

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