Renewable raw material: ‘Fibrecompost’

Publication date: 26-01-2022

The search for suitable, renewable raw materials and substrates is becoming increasingly important in professional horticulture. Raw materials such as coco peat, bark , compost and wood fibre from renewable sources are increasingly being used. Van der Knaap and Den Ouden Group share the ambition of further developing the use of sustainable and circular raw materials.

One of these new developments is the renewable raw material ‘Fibrecompost’. This circular, RHP-certified raw material consists of compost and Hortifibre (wood fibre from Den Ouden Group) and can be mixed into a substrate. Wood fibre makes the mixture airier, and compost (made from wood, grass and leaves) stimulates active soil life. With the right combination of these raw materials in a substrate, an active soil life is created that can contribute to a more resilient crop. This will gain importance in the future, because, for example, increasing restrictions are being placed on the use of (chemical) pesticides.

No two crops are the same and each crop makes specific demands on the substrate in order to grow optimally. The customer's wishes and the demands of a given crop on the mixture are therefore considered when mixing a substrate. This always involves customisation. “When we develop renewable raw materials, we always look at the added value of this raw material in a mixture. Each raw material has its own unique properties. Making the right combination allows you to create the optimal conditions for growth,” says Luuk Braam (Product Development Manager at Den Ouden Group). Certification also plays a very important role by ensuring that quality is guaranteed.

The Van der Knaap Group is a Dutch family company with production facilities all over the world. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable and high-quality products and services for professional horticulture. Den Ouden Group has one clear mission: to improve the quality of life on planet Earth. Den Ouden Group is an international, service-oriented family business in which sustainability and circularity play a major role.

For more information, please contact:

Twan van den Berg, Substrates Product Manager at Van der Knaap Group
Telephone number: +31 174 29 6606

Luuk Braam, Product Development Manager at Den Ouden Group
Telephone number: +31 73 543 1000

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