Organic cultivation of sweet pointed peppers in soil (pt 3)

Publication date: 20-08-2021

The trial with two varieties of organically grown sweet pointed peppers in soil has now been running in our innovation greenhouse for over six months and the fruits continue to grow more easily. In this trial, cultivation is carried out according to the usual organic cultivation method. However, when the crop needs it, organic Ca(NO3)2 is added. Read more about the trial design and start of this trial in our previous articles.

Nutritional source shifts

Gradually, the source of nutrition for the roots shifts. Most mineralisation from the compost has now taken place. This is also reflected in the drop in EC in the soil. It is precisely now that we offer the plants nitrate nitrogen with a low EC originating from the bioreactor.

Trial progress

The plant sap analyses show that there is progressively more balance in the available elements that the roots can absorb. Due to this year’s mild summer, there is also good transport of elements between the old and the new young developed leaves. The crop experiences little stress. In addition, we can regulate the cultivation effectively on the moisture deficit.

The nutrient solution is administered less by rain pipe and more through the drippers. The moisture sensors, which are placed at different depths in the ground, are an important aid in the irrigation strategy!

As in conventional organic cultivation, the fruit set can be further improved. For this we aim for a night temperature of 18°C. Nevertheless, the pointed peppers develop nicely; they are heavy and grow well.

Visit the trial!

Of course, nothing is better than seeing the developments with your own eyes. It is certainly worth visiting this trial in innovation centre 'de Kas' in Honselersdijk. For an appointment or more information, please contact us at

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