Lettuce in a hydroponic system: 100% organic nutrients

Publication date: 06-10-2020

Van der Knaap is known for their vast substrate knowledge, but did you know we also developed a sustainable cultivation system? The liquid nutrient solution rich in organic NO3 that is produced with this system is also extremely suitable for other cultivation systems, such as growing lettuce in a hydroponic system!

The hydroponic section in our innovation centre has recently been redesigned and all ponds now receive an 100% organic nutrient solution. The earlier phase of our research has already proven that the organic fertiliser holds its own compared to mineral fertiliser. On a number of points it even surpasses the traditional method!

The follow-up research now focuses on influencing the cultivation by means of different pH values. In addition, the young lettuce plants get a good start on Obturo®-plugs or conventional pressed pots.

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